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On Seas the Day Charter

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I harbor a deep love for the water​,​ boasting over two decades of seafaring experience on the picturesque Chesapeake Bay​,​ South River​,​ Rhode River​,​ West River​,​ Annapolis Maryland​,​ Ego Alley​,​ and the myriad tributary rivers and creeks that weave through these scenic landscapes. The very passion that fuels my extensive boating history is what I am eager to share with you! Meet "Seas The Day​,​" a 40" Regal Commodore Express Cruiser equipped with a cutting-edge Fusion Sound system​,​ designed to both pamper and soothe your senses or infuse energy into your experience. This vessel isn't just a boat; it's an opportunity to host your business or corporate meeting​,​ a unique way to reward your team for a job well done. Whether you're yearning for a luxurious cruise with a loved one​,​ attempting to ignite a spark​,​ or seeking a lively day on the water with friends or family​,​ "On Seas The Day" is your perfect choice. Dive into the experience with confidence. Our vessel is equipped with a netted pool to ensure jellyfish-free swimming​,​ accompanied by small floats and floating islands for your leisure. Deck seating and cushions are readily available for those inclined towards sunbathing. For larger groups or extravagant parties​,​ additional yachts can be arranged to accommodate your needs. Rest assured​,​ my yacht is meticulously cared for​,​ boasting two private state rooms​,​ each with its own bathroom and shower. Flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi access enhance the overall experience. Whether you're a couple in search of a romantic day out​,​ planning an overnight cruise​,​ or part of a group ready to revel on the water​,​ cruising "On Seas The Day" is the ultimate choice. We utilize private moorings at some of the most sought-after boating destinations​,​ ensuring an unforgettable journey on the water. Enjoy meals on the South River at Mike's Restaurant & Crab House​,​ Yellowfin​,​ The Pier Bar and Grill​,​ Harpers Waterfront Steak and Seafood and on the West River at Pirates Cove Restaurant and Dock Bar and Stan & Joes Riverside. Please plan ahead so we can include enough time for your dining experience!


  • Large cooler
  • Fridge on flybridge
  • Full galley (kitchen)
  • Lily pad / Swim mat
  • Floaties & Noodles
  • Bluetooth BOSE stereo
  • Satellite TV
  • WiFi


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