Who we are

Buku is building the #1 community of experiences for water lovers, by water lovers. We are a Maryland Based company, launched right on the Chesapeake Bay, which is home to over 400,000 boats. We are proud to say that people have been enjoying our local waterways with family and friends for centuries.

Future and current water lovers:

Incepted in the Baltimore Harbor, Buku looks to continue to encourage all of whom have had the opportunity to utilize and or enjoy our local waterways - whether for business or pleasure, and inspire those who haven’t [yet]. We look to create a bridge where we feel there has been a lack of access to boating, giving ‘would be boaters’ the opportunity to pursue their nautical hobbies and elevate their water experience(s). At BUKU, we want to help you navigate as you set sail towards joining our water loving community. By converting you into a water lover, we hope that you look to share those memorable experiences with others. Because of the community we have created, we have found an innovative means when connecting you with ‘hosting’ boat owners and captains. Through our streamlined booking platform you will realize that, seeking the opportunity to have fun or relax while enjoying an amazing curated water experience, is only one click away.

Boaters/ Hosts:

We, at Buku, are boaters! Our goal is to continue to grow and become the #1 community in water experiences for water lovers, by water lovers. In order to do this we look to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship with boaters in the Chesapeake Bay area, with hopes to eventually expand beyond our local waters. As a Maryland Based company, we have had the unique opportunity to launch right here - we understand that in our backyard alone, the bay is home to over 400,000 boats. Buku knows the weight and intricacies that comes with owning a boat, whether it comes down to cost or simply not knowing where to start when wanting to own a boat - many ‘would be boaters’ often never get the opportunity to pursue investing in nautical real estate. At BUKU, we are here to help navigate these boating challenges. We understand that being able to share memorable experiences with others is one of the reasons why most people buy a boat BUT operation costs and associated expenses can often thwart and discourage further pursuit of boat ownership. With that understanding, we have created an innovative solution and means of subsidizing these boating costs. By offering you, the boat owner, the opportunity for an exciting second income or even an adventurous full-time income - this is what makes us different from other boating companies. Through our convenient, easy to use platform we have perfected the way of connecting you, the hosting boat owners, with captains and eager guests, seeking the opportunity to have fun, or relax, while enjoying an amazing water experience. Contact us today about how you can join Buku’s fleet.


We are Buku and you could be a part of Buku too! We understand that owning a book might not be on the top of everyone’s “To Do List,” but having the opportunity to work on a boat might. Lucky for you, Buku has found a way for “boatless” individuals to pursue their aspiring nautical hobby as a captain. At Buku, we have found a unique way to navigate your boating challenges by connecting you with hosting boat owners and eager water lovers. We want you to be able to share memorable experiences with others without feeling like you have to own a boat, not that we would discourage any future pursuit of boat ownership. We could also help you navigate boat ownership, if this is something you are looking to achieve. Not a certified captain, we can assist with that too. We offer full certification captain’s courses a couple times a year (dependent on interest). Becoming a captain with Buku offers you the opportunity for a second income, or even a full-time income, while working around your own schedule. Through our convenient, easy to use platform we have perfected the way to connect you, the captain, with hosting boat owners and eager guests, seeking the opportunity to have fun, or relax, while enjoying an amazing water experience.

How to Book with Buku

1. Browse and Book

Although most of our boats reside in the Baltimore Harbor, we do have boats available in other parts of the Chesapeake bay and beyond. Found a boat you like? Check the boat’s availability, book it, and make a secure payment right away - at which point we will look forward to SEAing you on the water.

2. Time to Sail

The day of your booking, you will receive instructions on how (via your best way of contact) to get to your boat site. When you reach the boat site, be prepared to provide identification verification (Driver’s license, State ID, Passport, etc) - if you plan to enjoy a bottle or wine or spirit during your trip, we want to ensure that everyone is of drinking age. Once we complete a brief, thorough orientation on boat safety, get ready to board and enjoy your curated water experience.

3. Review Us

We want to make sure we gave you a memorable water experience, so if you enjoyed your experience, share the love. By letting us and others know what you liked about your trip, we can learn how to work better with other potential water lovers when helping them to find their perfect curated water experience. Was there ways we could improve to make your experience the ultimate one? Contact us directly, we would love to hear your feedback! Lastly, be sure to like and follow us on our various social media platforms.