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Buku Captains Course and Study Group
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Buku Captains Course and Study Group

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Are you ready to chart a course towards becoming an Buku Boat captain and mastering the art of safe​,​ unforgettable voyages? Look no further than the Buku Captains Course and Study Group your gateway to a world of nautical expertise and camaraderie. **What You'll Learn:** -Navigation Mastery: Gain a deep understanding of coastal and celestial navigation​,​ chart plotting​,​ and GPS systems. -Safety Protocols: Learn essential safety procedures​,​ emergency response​,​ and the importance of seamanship. -Boat Handling: Master the art of boat handling​,​ docking​,​ and maneuvering in various conditions. -Regulatory Compliance: Navigate the complex waters of maritime regulations​,​ licensing​,​ and compliance. -Weather Interpretation: Decode weather patterns and forecasts for safe and informed decision-making. -Leadership and Communication: Develop leadership skills and effective communication with crew and passengers. **Why Join Our Study Group:** But it doesn't stop there. The Buku Captains Course goes beyond traditional learning. Our study group transforms knowledge into practical wisdom through collaboration and peer support. Here's what you can expect: - Community: Connect with fellow course participants and seasoned captains who share your passion for the sea. -Peer Learning: Benefit from the collective wisdom and experiences of your study group members. -Problem Solving: Tackle real-world scenarios and challenges together​,​ honing your decision-making skills. -Resource Sharing: Access a treasure trove of resources​,​ from navigation tools to insider tips. -Mentorship: Receive guidance and mentorship from experienced captains who have navigated diverse waters. -Submission Team: Assistance with gathering and submitting the information required for licensing. The process is long and tedious. You will have 2 study groups focused on the submission. **Chart Your Course to Excellence:** With the Buku Captains Course and Study Group​,​ you'll not only gain the knowledge and skills to command the open waters but also forge lasting connections within a community of Buku Captains. Whether you're an aspiring captain looking to enjoy the boat more or make a few extra dollars to pay for your slip. Its time to enjoy your boat just like you always dreamed of. Becoming a Buku Captain​,​ puts you at the helm of your boating business​,​ working when you want​,​ doing what you love and getting paid for it. Join us today and let's navigate the seas of knowledge​,​ together. ***Before You Come Aboard PLEASE READ*** *Must be a Boat Owner with 1 boat listed with Buku or a Crew member of boat listed with Buku. *The course is an online self-paced course with quizzes after every subject is covered. *The study group has a comfortable schedule to complete testing in 10 weeks time. *The study group meets virtually twice a week for about 90mins. *The process of becoming a license captain can take 180 days. *Must be at least 18 years old. *Have a minimum of 360 days boating experience. Ninety of these days must have occurred in the last three years. *Be a U.S. citizen or be able to show lawful admittance to the United States for permanent residence if not a citizen. *Be able to Pass a physical exam and a drug test. *Be able to obtain or currently Hold a valid adult CPR and Basic First Aid card. *Be able to Obtain a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC card)​,​ which includes a background check done by Homeland Security. *This is an USCG-approved course for Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV 6-Pack captain's license for a vessel of less than 100 GRT (about 65 feet) carrying 6 or fewer passengers for hire. *Your completion of the course does not guarantee you receive a USCG License. **REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS** To register​,​ book 2 hours for this course on any day before December 2023. The study group begins December 2​,​2023. Your payment CONFIRMS YOUR AGREEMENT to these terms and that you fully understand the requirements. There will be NO REFUNDS once the course and study group begins. Welcome Aboard! Sea you on the water!


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