Personalized Ash Scattering Ceremony
Larry L
Larry L

Personalized Ash Scattering Ceremony

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Step aboard a serene vessel​,​ where the gentle sway of the boat and the soothing rhythm of the water create the perfect setting for a profoundly meaningful experience. Our Ash Scattering on the Water ceremony is a reverent journey that honors the memory of your loved one while providing solace and closure in the embrace of nature. A Journey of Remembrance: As you depart from the shore​,​ the world begins to change around you. The city's hustle and bustle fades​,​ replaced by the calming expanse of open water. You'll feel a sense of tranquility wash over you​,​ a reassurance that this moment is a fitting tribute to the one you hold dear. Nature's Embrace: On the boat's deck​,​ you'll find a place where you can stand in reflection or sit in quiet contemplation. The boat glides gently over the water​,​ creating a peaceful connection to the natural world. The wind carries your thoughts​,​ and the water​,​ like time itself​,​ flows steadily beneath you. The Ceremony: Our experienced and compassionate crew understands the significance of this journey. They will guide you through the ceremony with grace and respect​,​ allowing you to choose the timing and manner of the ash scattering. Whether it's a scattering into the open sea​,​ beneath the warm glow of the sun​,​ or under the soft light of the moon​,​ your wishes will be honored. Moments of Reflection: As the ashes are released into the water​,​ you'll have the opportunity for personal reflections​,​ prayers​,​ or the sharing of fond memories. This is a time for closure and a chance to find solace in the knowledge that your loved one has found their eternal resting place in the embrace of the ocean. A Lasting Tribute: The journey doesn't end when the ceremony concludes. The memory of this experience​,​ the feeling of unity with nature​,​ and the knowledge that your loved one's ashes are now a part of the vast and timeless sea will stay with you. It's a tribute that endures​,​ a connection that transcends​,​ and a sense of peace that lingers. Eternal Tranquility: Our Ash Scattering on the Water ceremony offers a poignant way to say goodbye. It's a voyage of remembrance​,​ a moment of reflection​,​ and a journey toward eternal tranquility. As you return to the shore​,​ you carry with you a sense of closure and the enduring memory of a beautiful and meaningful tribute. Find solace on the water​,​ and let nature cradle your memories.


  • Large cooler
  • Full galley (kitchen)
  • Bluetooth BOSE stereo
  • WiFi


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  • NC

    Larry and his crew facilitated a very meaningful experience for my family. The boat was easy to find, well provisioned, and the crew was attentive to our needs for a difficult trip. We appreciated that they took extra effort to ensure that we could play music, were prepared if a passenger felt sea sick, and provided guidance on how to best release our loved one's ashes into the sea. It may not have been possible for this trip, but informing the passengers of the type of boat, a picture, and some detail on how long the trip may take, and how best to prepare could help those who are not used to longer boat journeys, but have to make this one.

    Nirali CJune 2023

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