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    Although most of our boats reside in the Baltimore Harbor, we do have boats available in other parts of the Chesapeake bay and beyond. Found a boat you like? Check the boat’s availability, book it, and make a secure payment right away - at which point we will look forward to SEAing you on the water.

    2. Time to Sail

    The day of your booking, you will receive instructions on how (via your best way of contact) to get to your boat site. When you reach the boat site, be prepared to provide identification verification (Driver’s license, State ID, Passport, etc) - if you plan to enjoy a bottle or wine or spirit during your trip, we want to ensure that everyone is of drinking age. Once we complete a brief, thorough orientation on boat safety, get ready to board and enjoy your curated water experience.

    3. Review Us

    We want to make sure we gave you a memorable water experience, so if you enjoyed your experience, share the love. By letting us and others know what you liked about your trip, we can learn how to work better with other potential water lovers when helping them to find their perfect curated water experience. Was there ways we could improve to make your experience the ultimate one? Contact us directly, we would love to hear your feedback! Lastly, be sure to like and follow us on our various social media platforms.